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Dealing with Peer Pressure

To my friends: How do you handle peer pressure? Have you ever had the experience of being shot down by people you thought were your friends when you shared a dream or vision about your future? People don’t like change.... Read More

Win/Win or No Deal

The late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi once commented that you can’t shake hands with a clenched fist. Part of the art of persuasion is being able to see a situation through someone else’s eyes. This requires dialogue, honest conversation... Read More

Persuading People to Say Yes.

Good afternoon to one and all. Let me pose a hypothetical situation to you. Let’s assume that, as a sales professional, you’re very action oriented. You love the competition. You love winning. You’re all about freedom and flexibility. How would... Read More

What’s Your Buying Code?

Good afternoon to one and all. When I joined the world of sales almost 40 years ago, one of the precepts that I was taught was that each “no” that I received brought me closer to my next “yes.” Suppose... Read More

Check Out Toastmasters

Robert Kiyosaki has been quoted as saying that the ability to sell is the most important skill in business. I’m going to modify that a little bit to say that the ability to influence is the most important skill in... Read More

The Times that Try Our Souls

Earlier this week, a friend of mine commented that one of the risks we face in dealing with the current COVID crisis is the risk of losing our focus. Let’s face it. The news is bad and getting worse. There... Read More

Six Months That Shook the World

To My Friends. There was an article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal titled “Six Months That Shook The World.” The six months that we have just passed through have been tumultuous indeed. Independence Day is just three days away. Time... Read More

Look for the Opportunities

Hi everyone. No doubt about it– COVID continues to be one nasty rascal. State by state, we’re beginning to go back to business, albeit in a changed world. I don’t know what’s ahead. I suppose that my crystal ball is... Read More

Keeping Our Focus

To my friends, One of the consequences of the current COVID-19 scare is loss of focus. A lot of us have had our lives and occupations put on hold while the medical community seeks ways to combat this virus. We’ve... Read More

Rethinking Our Priorities

To my friends–If there is anything positive to come from the suffering caused by the corona virus, perhaps it will be that we have been compelled to rethink our priorities; to focus on relationships rather than accumulating more “stuff.” Here’s... Read More