For identity theft or legal help, My Bridge Builder has solutions

I have two questions for you.

1. Have you ever been a victim of identity theft, or do you know someone who has been a victim?

2. Have you ever needed a lawyer but couldn’t afford one?

If you say yes to either question—or have healthy concerns about your safety—we can help with the right plan for you!


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For identity theft or legal protection, My Bridge Builder has solutions!

• Almost one third of Americans have been a victim of identity theft.
• Over 300,000 Americans fall victim to phishing/ vishing/ smishing attacks yearly.
• Every year, there are more than 50,000 individual personal data breaches in the  U.S.

The three types of identity theft

Make sure you’re protected from three of the major types of identity theft. Read this informative, easy-to-read FREE report with valuable information from the FTC. Click here.

We have a pair of powerful tools for your protection.

Legal problems are a part of life, but that doesn’t make dealing with them any easier. LegalShield, established in 1972, is one of the first companies in the U.S. to enable consumers to more easily take care of the legal needs of their businesses and families. Learn more.

IDShield gives you power in the fight against identity theft. The Internet can be a dangerous place because identity thieves steal more than money, and the consequences of having your personal information stolen are much broader than you may think. Learn more.

Mark’s 2¢ will get you started on learning more about the LegalShield and IDShield products by answering nearly every question you might have. Learn more.

Mark has been advising and working with a diverse array of clients and friends over a long career. Below, a small sample expresses their appreciation.

“I’ve had the privilege, honor and pleasure of knowing Mark Holland for many years now. His integrity, spirit and giving nature have always been a true blessing. I love his honesty in his dealings with his “fellow human beings” and it shows in all he does. He’s been a great friend/mentor and guide in many facets of my life and with as busy as he’s ALWAYS been, whether as a Financial Planning, Legal Shield advisor or as an unmatched educator, I’m blessed that he’s always made time for me. And also, I feel grateful that he’s comfortable enough with me, that he’s never afraid to ask questions/opinions or share what’s happening in his world for the betterment of others. I’ve had many discussions with him on a myriad of subjects and his knowledge is great, but his giving heart and nature are even bigger and better. I enjoy being around him and I know others feel the exact same way as me. Cheers to him, his family and all those fortunate enough to have him touch their lives. Thanks for allowing me to recommend him in all he does and who he is . . . truly a gift in mine and other’s lives.”

Michael Perlman, Director of Business Growth, JAN-PRO of Utah/SaniGLAZE

“Mark Holland solidly shows up with integrity, persistence, and true concern for others. I’ve known him for several years, and he is consistent in those traits at every level. He offers business owners valuable insights on how to grow their businesses, while also protecting their investments of time and money. Whenever I call Mark, he steps up to help. Thank you!”

Erika Wiggins, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Real Estate

“Mark is a wonderful mentor, a valued business colleague and an incredible source of wisdom and information. He never ceases to amaze with his experience, advice and assistance. He has advanced my career with introductions to people and organizations. He is a delightful person.”

Ellen Reddick, President of Impact Factory Utah


“Mark Holland is an innovative and talented teacher. His background in law and ethics inform his instruction and make his teaching interesting and practical for all students regardless of their background and goals. I have had the privilege of working with him and consistently found him to be developing classes that are intellectually challenging and rewarding. He works tirelessly to ensure that his students develop the most current and stimulating insights possible into the interplay between ethics, business law and public policy.”

Frank Shaw, Colleague and Friend


“It’s been my pleasure to work with Mark. He is a man of kindness and integrity, driven by a genuine desire to help anyone fortunate enough to intersect with his path. With Mark Holland, you will get his best effort, and a lasting friendship.”

Jim Hayes, Ha! Yes! Graphic Design

“I have worked with Mark Holland for nearly two decades in both his role in financial services and as an educator. He has asked me to consult with a number of his clients and to teach classes to his students. In all instances I have found Mark to display the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in his interactions. What that means is that he always places the interests of his clients ahead of his own and he has extensive education so that he can offer the best possible advice to his clients and students. If questions arise that he is not fully briefed on, he invites other professionals in to make sure that the client’s needs are fully served. Beyond his professionalism, Mark is a kind and generous person who thoughtfully sends out handwritten cards on important events in the lives of clients and friends. I have been the recipient of many of those cards, and it always brightens my day. I am pleased to have Mark as one of my associates.”

Jerry Borrowman, CLU, ChFC, MSFS

“I have known Mark for over eight years. First a valued client, when we had the chance to meet I had an immediate connection, knowing instantly his values and business sense fell in line with mine. He truly cares about his clients! He has a genuine interest in helping people gain the knowledge to not only take care of their clients but help them learn techniques to grow and flourish, both personal and professionally. Then came the friendship, which is valued even more! I would, have and will always continue to refer everyone to Mark. For his business sense, what he stands for and what he does. The attention to detail he shares with others is incredible.”

Becky Holland, Integrity Retention Solutions, Inc.

“I have known Mark for many years he has a very strong and ethical character. Mark is a money managing guru. He treats his friends and clients well. Mark is very knowledgeable and truly wants people to succeed. He helps businesses and individuals maximize their potential with their finances. I highly recommend working with Mark.”

Jim Hawks, Hawkart Design Services

“Mark has so many tools that can help business owners or managers. His knowledge of BANK Code is great and he really explains it in a way that helps sales and sales managers to understand how it works and they quickly can adapt their sales style to talk to others in their verbal language. I recommend Mark Holland.”

Boyd Petersen, BPMedia

“I have always found Mark Holland to be a man of personal integrity, thoughtful scholarship, open to differing ideas, and above all kind. He is indeed a Bridge Builder!”

Margaret Edwards, Esq.