To my friends,
One of the consequences of the current COVID-19 scare is loss of focus. A lot of us have had our lives and occupations put on hold while the medical community seeks ways to combat this virus. We’ve all read the news about healthcare professionals being driven to the point of complete exhaustion and hospitals being overwhelmed by the critically ill. It’s easy to feel helpless with so much seemingly beyond our control.
I’ll proceed with caution here because I understand that I’m relatively fortunate. I’m still working, albeit from home. Many of us haven’t gotten a paycheck in weeks. Yes, the IRS is sending out $1,200 stimulus checks. That’s a mortgage payment. One can go through $1,200 very quickly.
As difficult as our circumstances may be, may I offer three suggestions on how to deal with the uncertainty around us. First, focus on what’s controllable, however little that may be. We have to start somewhere. Second, mitigate present risks to whatever degree possible. Third, be mindful (but not overwhelmed) by potential problems “out there.” The idea here is to be aware so that we’re not blindsided.
I am firmly convinced that life will get better. I do not know what the new “normal” will look like, but I do believe that the economic dislocation brought about by the corona virus is giving us a real opportunity to re-evaluate what we hold to be important and to begin to take the necessary steps to avoid being overwhelmed by the next crisis whenever it may come.
Be well. Stay strong. The darkness is beginning to lift.
Mark Holland
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