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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Achieve Your Goals!

To my friends– “Dare to be wise: Begin!”, says the Roman poet Horace. “He who postpones the hour of living rightly is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he crosses.” All of us have... Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What’s so happy about it, you ask? COVID-19. The Big Lie. January 6th. All you have to do is read the daily paper for your daily dose of woe. The spirit of contention seems to be everywhere.... Read More

Are Medical Devices at Risk of Ransomware Attacks?

To my friends- Discussions about cybersecurity and identity theft protection have become commonplace in today’s business world. Several years ago, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce hosted a cybersecurity conference to alert business owners to the need for greater awareness... Read More