Earlier this week, a friend of mine commented that one of the risks we face in dealing with the current COVID crisis is the risk of losing our focus. Let’s face it. The news is bad and getting worse. There is no vaccine—yet. Nevertheless, we still have to find ways to keep our businesses front and center in the minds of our customers and prospective customers. We have both circles of influence and circles of concern. Here’s my question for this afternoon; where can we best spend our time? Probably within our circles of influence. Here’s another question; with circumstances being what they are, do you think that we’re better off focusing on making big changes or incremental ones. Economics tells us that we make those winning changes on the margins, here a little and there a little. The effects of those marginal or incremental changes add up over time. With the economic upheaval that we’ve been experiencing, it becomes easy to be overwhelmed by circumstance. One wit once commented that if you can keep your courage up while everyone around you is losing theirs, you probably don’t understand how bad things really are. The fact remains that we’re all in a position to do something, no matter how small, to make life better for ourselves as well as others, our communities and our country. These are the times, wrote Thomas Paine in the dark days of December 1776, that try men’s souls. Yes, they are. Let’s remember what we’re about and not lose hope. We’ll come through.
Fair winds and following seas,
Mark Holland